Monday, November 23, 2015

Treating BK Virus After Kidney Transplant

The BK polyomavirus often causes complications after kidney transplantation. The research group of Professor Hans H. Hirsch from the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel has now been able to show, that the immunosuppressive drug Tacrolimus directly activates the replication of the virus and could thus be responsible for these complications. The American Journal of Transplantation has published the study. The BK polyomavirus often causes complications after kidney transplantation. The research group of Professor Hans H. Hirsch from the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel has now been able to show, that the immunosuppressive drug Tacrolimus directly activates the replication of the virus and could thus be responsible for these complications. The "American Journal of Transplantation" has published the study. Polyomavirus infections are common, however, they usually do not cause symptoms in healthy adults. However, the virus becomes much more problematic for patients who have to take immunosuppressive drugs after kidney transplantation. In ten to twenty percent of all cases, the BK virus starts to spread within the transplant and causes an inflammation. This can, in the worst case, destroy the new organ entirely and put the patient back on the transplant waiting list. When it comes to organ transplantation, doctors mainly fight the human immune system, which tries to reject the donor organ. Immunosuppressive drugs, such as the commonly used Tacrolimus, are prescribed to suppress this process. The substance inhibits signaling between the body's immune cells. However, this treatment also weakens the immune system in such a way that it is no longer able to protect the organism sufficiently from viruses such as said BK virus - a predicament. Drugs affect virus differently The Transplantation & Clinical Virology research group from the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel led by Professor Hans H. Hirsch was now able to show, that the BK virus reacts completely different to various immunosuppressive drugs: While the commonly used drug Tacrolimus activates the replication of the virus inside kidney cells, the substance Sirolimus, a mTOR inhibitor, inhibits virus replication. The results explain why in the past ten years an increasing number of cases of BK polyomavirus complications have occurred after the widespread introduction of Tacrolimus in transplantation clinics. The findings also provide important rationales for clinical trials in order to test the use of mTOR inhibitors like Sirolimus in patients in acute danger of loosing their kidney transplant without simultaneously having to increase the risk of organ rejection. Source: University of Basel

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Reducing Acid Load May Improve Kidney Health

The impact of a high acid diet on ‪kidney‬ health is an area garnering more interest, including at this year's Kidney Week.
At The Kidney & Hypertension Group, we have long evaluated the acid load of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease, and implement ways to reduce this when appropriate. For an appointment with one of our nephrologists, contact us at 9547713929.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Kidney & Hypertension Group Is The First Certified Hypertension Center in Southeast United States

The ‪
Kidney‬ & Hypertension‬ Group is proud to announce that we have been designated a Certified Hypertension Center, one of only 12 Hypertension Practice Centers in the United States and Canada, and the only one in Florida (and the first in the Southeast United States). The American Society of Hypertension (ASH) maintains a formal certification process for medical practices and health care providers that have demonstrated expertise in treating patients who have complex or difficult-to-treat hypertension and its co-morbidities. The Program – focused on enhancing hypertension patient care – is designed to evaluate each medical practice against a professional set of criteria based upon responses to a questionnaire and a rigorous review process by hypertension experts. At The Kidney & Hypertension Group, our Hypertension certified specialists provide state of the art management of hypertension and circulatory disorders. For an appointment with one of our physicians, contact us at (954) 771-3929.…/Certified-…/Current-HTN-Centers.aspx

Monday, November 9, 2015

Successful Treatment of Itch in Kidney Patients

Uremic pruritus is prevalent amongst dialysis patients and negatively affects their quality of life, sleep, mood and social functioning. The effect of nalbufine on uremic pruritus was presented yesterday at the late breaking clinical trials session. 373 hemodialysis patients were assigned to receive nalbufine 120 mg (n=120), nalbufine 60 mg (n=128) or placebo (n=125) for a period of 6 weeks. Primary outcome was the numerical rating scale of worst itching intensity for each dose of nalbufine versus placebo. Only in the high dose group nalbufine reduced itch intensity by 49%.
Most common adverse events were nausea and vomiting, were not different between dose treatment groups and were attenuated after the second week of treatment. Seems like most of these patients were on conventional anti-pruritic measures such as antihistamines and corticosteroids although this data was not described in detail by the author. This study represents one more potential treatment option for uremic pruritus and quality of life improvement in dialysis patients although long term efficacy and safety would need to be determined. Post by Dr. Magdalena Madero, AJKD Blog Contributor.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Kidney and Hypertension Group Doubles It's Office Space in Fort Lauderdale To Meet Demand of New Patients

The Kidney & Hypertension has a new additional office at Holy Cross in Fort Lauderdale right across the hall from our regular office....which is also still open. That's right-we now take up the entire 2nd floor at the 2001 Building on the grounds of Holy Cross Hospital! We now have 16 exam rooms in total so we are able to see patients quickly and as needed. That includes patients who call and "need to be seen right away". At The Kidney & Hypertension our nephrologists MAKE the time to see any patient who needs or requests to be seen-that same day if necessary. Our goal is to keep you-our patient-out of the Emergency Room and out of the hospital when possible. And we do that by treating a problem promptly. We also see patients "Rapid Response" in our Plantation office. Call us at (954)771-3929. We can't wait to show you our "new office"! — at The Kidney & Hypertension Group.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

South Florida's Best Kidney Doctors Are Also The Most Affordable

Did you know the group voted "Best Doctors" in Nephrology and Hypertension in both Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton is also the most affordable group? We believe excellent health care CAN be delivered in an efficient and cost conscious manner. Like our "Rapid Response" same day appointments that we offer Monday through Friday, which keep our patients out of the ER and hospital whenever possible. Leaders in Home Dialysis. High rates of Transplantation. Certified Specialists in Hypertension. Best Healthcare. Cost effective Healthcare.That's our mission at The Kidney & Hypertension Group. (954)771-3929. * (Attached reviews of Drs. Valle, Bejar, and Ajuria. Drs. Waheed, Torres, and Baez have not been reviewed yet but are expected to fall in exact range of the other 3 doctors who were reviewed)

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dr. Gabriel Valle and Dr. Carlos Bejar Again Voted Boca Raton's Top Kidney Doctors

Congratulations to our Dr. Gabriel Valle and Dr. Carlos Bejar who were chosen "Top Nephrologists" in Boca Raton, as well as Fort Lauderdale, by their peers through Castle-Connelly again this year. ABOUT CASTLE CONNOLLY AND AMERICA'S TOP DOCTORS-
The mission of Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. is to help consumers find the best healthcare. To this end, they publish a variety of books including the "Top Doctors" series, the most popular of which is America's Top Doctors®. The top doctors who are listed in their books and on website's directory were nominated by their peers in an extensive survey process of thousands of American doctors each year. These Top Doctors' medical educations, training, hospital appointments, disciplinary histories - and much more - are screened by the Castle Connolly physician-led research team. Those doctors who are among the very best in their specialties and in their communities are selected for inclusion. Doctors do not and cannot pay to be included in any Castle Connolly Guide or online directory. Congratulations Dr. Valle and Dr. Bejar.

Black Americans Are At High Risk of Kidney Disease. Click Picture To Learn What Can Be Done

Black Americans Are At High Risk of Kidney Disease. Click Picture To Learn What Can Be Done
A Black Kidney Transplant Patient Warns Other Members of the Black Community of the Need To Be Aware of Their Increase Risk of Kidney Disease and What They Can Do About It

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South Florida's Top Nephrologists-(Left to Right) Drs. Ajuria, Hernandez, Bejar, and Valle

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